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Anonymous Asked: I started following you a while back, I am really glad that there are more people like you, who can enjoy bollywood so much! And the music is just too amazing! :D

I feel the same way, I love meeting people who enjoy Bollywood :-)
The songs are out of this world, I don’t know how they keep coming out with these awesome songs movie after movie, year after year! Best entertainment industry in the world :-D

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I started a Facebook page yesterday! - Like Ris Lev ;-)

Once I’ve officially launched my Bollywood album project to the press next Friday I’ll need a Facebook page to send them to.

I’ll be playing live on BBC Radio and interviewed by DJ Noreen Khan next week, I just had an interview with Asiana magazine on Monday, and the offers keep coming in from all over the place, having a fun time trying to organize it all haha! 

I’m a one-man operation, no PR team, no manager, just me phoning Bollywood producers and lyricists to get them to make an album with me and writing to journalists to get them interested in what I’m doing.

It’s definitely one of the most ambitious things I’ve ever tried to do, and I haven’t slept in months haha, but if I can find 4964 more people who are inspired by what I’m doing and want to pre-order my album for £5 by July 6th it will all be worth it. And if not, well it’ll still be my birthday that day, and I’m always happy when it’s my birthday ;-) 

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Anonymous Asked: You symbolise hope, because you don't mock Bollywood and their dancing and singing but instead you enjoy it and cherish it which is clearly shown in your passion for singing. It makes me so happy though I discovered many people on Tumblr who respect the culture and other people's views. In real life I can't talk openly about Bollywood because I know some people will laugh, for example I performed a Bollywood dance in front of my school and they acted like idiots for a long time, I regret nothing

I feel the same way about Tumblr, it’s definitely a great place to discover how many people all across the world share the same passion as you.
Regret nothing is the way to be, Bollywood and everything related to Bollywood is awesome :-)

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Anonymous Asked: Hey. I saw your lat lag gayee vid. Um can I just suggest that you should practise your Hindi more because some sounds for some words could be said with more emphasis, its a little butchered when I hear it. Good work though! And good luck :)


I definitely practice all the time, I recorded my cover of Lat Lag Gayee at the very beginning of the year and I think I’ve improved since then.

There are so many awesome Hindi songs I want to sing that I would never be able to devote enough time to get each one perfect, so I just do my best with a song for my videos then move on to the next beautiful song on my list ;-)

That’s actually one of the reasons I’m trying to make an album of my own hindi-language songs, it’ll be much easier to only have 8 songs of my own to work on getting perfect haha :-)

Thanks for the interest!

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Anonymous Asked: hey, how old are you? x

I’ll be 26 on July 6th! That’s also the day my Bollywood album project ends, so it’ll be extra special this year ;-)

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encapture Asked: YOU'RE SO TALENTED!

Haha, thank you encapture :-)

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Anonymous Asked: whuttt, you met the KING KHAN? I am so very jealous of you right now!

Best 3 seconds of my life ;-)

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Grit vs. Talent


The key message: talent is great, but grit and hard work are more important in the long run. Keep plowing forward, don’t fear failure (do learn from it - failure is a GREAT teacher), and always work hard. 

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